Turn Your 9-5 Knowledge Into Income

Millennials, we understand what it feels like to be overworked and underpaid so let’s turn your 9-5 knowledge into income streams by building a profitable online business so that you’ll worry less about money, be able to do more things you love while fulfilling your purpose.

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In our current economy, now more than ever working Millennial Professionals are seeking more ways to create a side income so that they can pay their monthly expenses on time and live their lives on their terms!

Are you frustrated by the fact that:

  • You’re struggling to pay off your student loan
  • You’re struggling to buy a home because you have little to no money left over after paying the bills to save for a down payment
  • You struggle to pay off your credit card debts
  • You struggle to pay for a decent vacation or having enough money to spend on things you want
  • You thought that having one good job will secure your finances and financial future… well, does it?


Let us help you create additional income streams using the knowledge you already have inside you!


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Our system will help you to master your mindset, get clarity on your skills & teach you how to start an online business the corporate way! From idea to income streams!


 Get clarity on your skills & purge whats blocking you from monetizing your gifts & start living your life purposefully 


Generate income by building an evidence-based business using proven systems and corporate strategies


Elevate your business plan and make maximum profits while living a harmonious lifestyle of freedom and flexibility

Short Bio:

Racquel Walters is a Medical Social Worker, the CEO, and Millennial Income Strategist of Le’Ura, INC. She is also a 2 X Best selling author. As a millennial who embraces the side gig economy, Racquel is driven to monetize her gifts to ensure she will live life on her terms. Racquel knew her 9-5 was not sufficient for the money she needs in her bank account to have the flexibility and freedom to build her legacy.

Racquel is known for her direct approach, evidence-based strategies, and passion for extending life options beyond the norm, and helping her clients maximize their skills to create lasting change.

Racquel is now expanding her offering and sharing her signature PURPOSEful Income System in the business coaching industry to help professional millennials sustain their impact at their 9-5, diversify their skills into multiple streams of income, find balance, and achieve a fulfilling life.

After a few sessions with Racquel and completing her Intention Over Fear Self-Study Course, in 12 months I was able to get my finances in a comfortable place that I can manage, grow my business while stepping out and landing a new job! You won’t regret it working with her!

Nickita F.

Mechanical Engineer

My experience with Racquel has been pretty refreshing. Racquel is a great listener and has really helped me to identify some of the things that may be causing a struggle in certain areas of my life. Racquel took the time to help me outline goals, as well as an action plan to achieve those goals. The great thing about these sessions is that she does not leave you empty-handed. Racquel has made helpful suggestions along the way to keep me on track to take my life to the next level. I truly enjoy my sessions with Racquel and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good life coach.

C. Thomas

Operations Manager at Macys

I have learned to identify fears that have been a barrier, keeping me stuck and afraid in the same place. I now have the tools necessary to help guide me. Thank you to Racquel Walters and the ladies in the group. I recommend this course to anyone who has been feeling “stuck” in the same place despite wanting to move forward but not knowing how.

Kim M.

Social Worker-LMSW

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