Meet Racquel


 Racquel Walters is a Medical Social Worker, the CEO, and   Millennial Income Strategist of Le’Ura, INC.

 As a millennial who embraces the side gig economy, Racquel   is driven to monetize her gifts to ensure she will live life on   her terms. Racquel knew her 9-5 was not sufficient for the   money she needs in her bank account to have the flexibility   and freedom to build her legacy.

 Over the years, Racquel has overcome the hurdles   associated with juggling a 9-5 and side hustle and uncovered   her purpose — helping professional millennials create   multiple streams of income to live the life they want.

 More recently, Racquel is expanding her dual expertise to   help these millennials break down their mental blocks,   monetize their purpose-driven gifts, and harmonize their   work and side hustle demands into consulting services to   elevate their income and lifestyle.

 Racquel is known for her direct approach, evidence-based   strategies, and passion for extending life options beyond the   norm, and helping her clients maximize their skills to create   lasting change.

 Racquel is now expanding her offering and sharing her   signature PURPOSEful Income System in the business   coaching industry to help professional millennials sustain   their impact at their 9-5, diversify their skills into multiple   streams of income, find balance and achieve a fulfilling life.


Love the fact that Racquel scheduled a special time for me to call and speak to her specifically about my individual fears and how she was able to personalize the lessons to fit my individual needs. Overcoming fear though is not something that comes overnight. Confronting those fears helped developed my self-awareness and helped me to realize the fear was in my head and not an actual threat. Working with a coach is a great way to get the needed advice for your specific plans, ambitions, and self-confidence.

– Terry M.- Insurance Rep.