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This Book Will Help You To Make Changes In Your Career And Life!

If you’re FRUSTRATED with the life you’re living, UNHAPPY in your current job, UNCERTAIN & OVERWHELMED by the next steps to take to bring about required changes to live your IDEAL LIFE…this book is for you.

You can succeed even if you don’t feel worthy, fear failure & lack confidence in your abilities!


  • How Kathy transitioned in her career after being let go from a top position she aspired to and achieved.
  • How Jennifer gained clarity with what was holding her back and keeping her stagnant in a job she was miserable in.
  • How Paige re-invented her life by pivoting in a new career path.
  • How Carol started the process to open up a daycare business after tapping into her true purpose.
  • And so many more…


  • How to get CLEAR about your IDEAL CAREER PATH that will allow you to feel APPRECIATED, VALUED & RESPECTED.
  • How to EFFECTIVELY navigate the workplace.
  • How a STRONG mindset and adaptive behaviors build sustainability that lasts.
  • How you can BREAKTHROUGH your FEARS and SELF-DOUBTS faster by implementing proven strategies.
  • How you can rise above OBSTACLES and CHALLENGES to make them work for you…and more.


Racquel Walters is a Medical Social Worker, the CEO, and Millennial Income Strategist of Le’Ura, INC. She is also a 2 X Bestselling author. As a millennial who embraces the side gig economy, Racquel is driven to monetize her gifts to ensure she will live life on her terms. Racquel knew her 9-5 was not sufficient for the money she needs in her bank account to have the flexibility and freedom to build her legacy.

 Over the years, Racquel has overcome the hurdles associated with juggling a 9-5 and side hustle and uncovered her purpose -helping professional millennials create multiple streams of income to live the life they want.

 More recently, Racquel is expanding her dual expertise to help these millennials break down their mental blocks,   monetize their purpose-driven gifts, and harmonize their work and side hustle demands into consulting services to elevate their income and lifestyle.

 Racquel is known for her direct approach, evidence-based strategies, and passion for extending life options beyond the norm, and helping her clients maximize their skills to create lasting change.

 Racquel is now expanding her offering and sharing her signature Income System in the business coaching industry to help professional millennials sustain their impact at their 9-5, diversify their skills into multiple streams of income, find balance and achieve a fulfilling life.

Praise For Ideal Career, Ideal Life

If you’re stuck in a career that no longer serves you and is uncertain how to pivot to level-up your results in your career and in life then this book is a must-read. Racquel will teach you proven and practical strategies to accelerate your career and life despite your fears and self-doubts. Once you start reading your life will surely improve! – Adam Markel, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author of PIVOT, International Speaker, and CEO.

This book is packed with stories and strategies that will inspire and motivate you to break through what’s holding you back from realizing your true calling in the workplace as well as in your life! –Robyn Crane, 4X #1 Bestselling Author & Speaker/Trainer for Women Entrepreneurs

You won’t find anyone more confident and capable of getting you on your path to clarity and PASSION than Racquel. This book is HONEST, and with her professional insight and wisdom, I know Racquel can help you transform your life. A must read! – Lisa Chastain, Millennial Money Coach and #1 Bestselling Author of the book, “Girl Get Your $hit Together”

Filled with practical easy-to-use strategies, this book is a must-read for any woman who wants tools, insights, and real-life experiences on how to face their fears, break through obstacles and create a lasting positive impact on their life and the lives of others. – Rodney Flowers- 3X Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Leader, and Resilience Trainer

This is more than a book about Career. It is a book about how you can create the life you want when you start paying attention to what matters! –Dr. Mimi Secor, Nurse Practitioner, Speaker, Trainer and #1 Bestselling Author of the book, “Debut A New You”

This is a MUST READ for those dissatisfied with living their lives in mediocrity. Racquel empowers you to take that initial step, and keep going! – Doreen Stewart, LMHC, Ph.D.- Mental Health Consultant

Amazon Reviews:

Kindle Customer

September 30, 2018

The flow of the book was very light and easy to read. It was as if you were having face to face sit down with author. The strategies shared were relatable and doable. Awesome
D Arlando Fortune

September 28, 2018

When I began the book, I was excited by the author’s easy to read, conversational tone. I did not want to be preached to. Racquel provides a candid overview of how she has built her career in helping people achieve their goals. What impressed me most was the feeling that I was being coached as I read the book. If this book is any indication of how she is in person, her clients are in great hands.