In the world today where there are a lot of self-centered, self-conscious persons who only seek to lift themselves up and not others around them, it was refreshing to experience a sense of connection, support, and love by people who are not close to me but has made some sort of impact and contribution in my life.

It is crazy how the mind starts to think thoughts that are limiting due to an unforeseen fear and anxiety that merely doesn’t exist, but you believe it does and gives it the power to make it a reality that is furthest from the truth. I experienced enlightenment recently that showed me once again that I should not listen to my limiting beliefs that are negative in nature.

To be honest, I allowed fear, pride, and ego to get in the way and I quickly realized that they were not my enemy, that they (limiting beliefs), were actually my friends that I need to get to know, acknowledge, and with all three limiting beliefs, quieted them down in my mind which allowed me to face the issue at hand.  

I realized that once I did that and didn’t think about my fear, pride, and ego, I was not overwhelmed and anxious. I actually felt empowered to be brave and speak my truth despite people’s perception or opinion. Coupled with vulnerability, I learned that once you are open and honest that you allow others often time to step inside themselves and empathize and/or relate to your story or experience. This built my confidence in myself and my story even more and allowed me to become more comfortable in my skin and with my presence in the room with my head held high. I also felt a sense of courage.

This experience allowed me to feel great about myself and feeling that I was loved, supported, and connected with the right people at the right time with great embrace. It allowed me to walk with a sense of peace, gratitude and humility, and belief that I am at the right place that I should be on my life mission and journey.

It goes back to the quote, “ to escape fear, you have to go through it, not around it”-Richie Norton

Have you ever allowed limiting beliefs to interfere with your thinking and actions? If so, how have you pushed through and overcame those beliefs? If, you haven’t and are still stuck, what are the thoughts running through your mind? And how can you quiet your mind to move through that/those limiting beliefs?

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