“Money isn’t everything, but it can certainly be an asset to achieve what you want in life,” Coreen fervently says.

Ever wondered how you can start preparing yourself for a better financial future as a millennial? Listen in as Financial Advisor Coreen Ketterer shares keys for your financial wellness. She goes deep and gets personal on how you can align your overall life goals with your money by starting with a few practical steps.

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Coreen Ketterer- Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur


“Money isn’t everything, but it can certainly be an asset to achieve what you want in life,” Coreen fervently says. 

In 2007 some of her closest family & friends began losing their livelihood. Not until 2012, Coreen became a Licensed Independent Broker at Wilshire Group Financial Services and dove into the world of financial advising. Since earning the Life Underwriter Training Fellow designation in 2016, more and more of her clients kept asking for advice on debt reduction and building generational wealth.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that personal finance coaching was her greater purpose, hence Coremoney Coaching was formed in 2018.

Coreen herself has ridden a roller coaster of financial setbacks and triumphs and believes that learning financial literacy combined with mastering financial wellness contributes to an individual’s health and well-being.

With the new launch of MILLENNIAL BALLHER, Coreen and her team aim to empower women and their families with clarity, confidence, and control of their money so they can experience full autonomy.

She is married with 1 child living in Willow Glen, San Jose. During this quarantine Coreen currently enjoys quality time with her toddler and husband, meal planning, browsing interior design and architecture online, and hopes to spend the rest of her life advocating against racial injustice and climate change, all while squeezing in travel post-pandemic to at least 30 other countries that she and her family have yet to explore.


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