In this episode, Laticia shares how she was able to transition her skills from working in a top company in technology to helping aspiring and full-time business owners solve their tech issues which allows them to put their focus back on servicing their clients and making money.

Laticia dives deep into sharing:

  • How as a single parent she was able to go back to school and immerse herself into becoming a woman in tech with 18 + years of experience.
  • How to move from the mindset of being a 9-5er and becoming a “9 to thriver!”
  • 3 keys to focus on in starting and growing your business and more…

Class is in session!


Watch The Episode here:


Laticia Brice – Certified Tech Consultant, CEO of Laticia Brice Consulting and PaqTeqnology.


As a Certified A+, Network+, and CCNA technician with over 18-years of experience, Laticia has established herself as a solution-focused leader in the technology industry within The Bahamas.

Drawn to entrepreneurship, Laticia founded PaqTeqnology, a vocational training company that provides practical skills training on how to start a career as a high-earning computer technician. She understood first hand that for most to go into this field they had to attend a traditional technical college; for most on the islands, it would require leaving home to study abroad. 

In order to provide better options for her community, she created a virtual training model so that students could attend remotely and not have to disrupt their family and work life.

As Laticia expanded her knowledge of online learning, she was immersed within the entrepreneurial space. 

There, she saw her fellow entrepreneurs struggling with basic IT requirements such as setting up their websites, membership portals, and online courses.

Not one to let a problem go unsolved, Laticia founded her consulting firm to provide new and aspiring entrepreneurs technical support services so they get back to focusing on making money.

Now, Laticia is expanding her consulting services to teach her signature system to entrepreneurs so they can get their WordPress Website up and running, increase their visibility, engagement, and income.

Laticia’s 18+ years of experience in technology, continued education, understanding of the latest tech trends, and understanding the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting their business make her uniquely qualified for highly-effective and valuable training via her signature programs.


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