Bradley says, “Create something that is meaningful to you”.

In this episode Bradley Kohn speaks on:

  • His business Neurohacker and how it helps people to operate at an optimum capacity
  • Tools to “better your life”
  • How you can create something that is meaningful
  • How to identify your core values & committing to honoring them
  • How he hit rock bottom after failed business partnerships, losses and what he did to rise up above it
  • The “grit” he maintained growing up in a family of entrepreneurs with a family history of being refugees

And so much more…!

Class is in session!


Watch The Episode here:


Bradley Kohn – Self-Mastery & Transformation Coach


Bradley Kohn is a modern British renaissance man. He is a published poet and writer, multi-platinum awarded record producer, engineer and songwriter, stuntman, extreme sports athlete, British martial arts medallist, and long time meditator. He currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a Self Mastery and Transformation Coach. In 2019 he founded Neurohacker – a complete and full-service approach to wellness that augments his coaching with a best-in-class network of Doctors, Practitioners, and Therapists, collectively operating under his wellness framework of Physical Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Hydration, Recovery, Purpose, and Lifestyle Design. His unique approach and genuine depth of care, enable people to live their best lives through Physical, Mental, Financial, and Spiritual Wellbeing. 


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