Raul says, “ There is a voice inside of you that knows that you can do it and you can get through it. Sometimes you have to give that little voice a mic as a loudspeaker and let that voice take control!”

In part 1 of this 2 part episode, Raul gives EXCLUSIVE details on his dynamic life’s journey in finding his purpose; one that took him to a “foreign land”; learning and speaking multiple languages as a way to connect with the world. He lets us in on his life, a side of Raul that only a few know, and how he battled with himself as he measured success and the courage it took him to continuously transform himself.

This viral content creator, educator, comedic actor dove deep into his journey and provided rich insights on his multi-talents and how it’s helping to bring JOY to people all over the world!.  Ever wondered where the popular character “Jacqui Duphraatees” was inspired from? You definitely want to tune in to this episode.

Class is in session!

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Raul “Blaze” Davis- Comedic Writer, Actor, Language Teacher, and Personal Trainer.


Raul Davis goes by the name Raul Blaze in the entertainment field.

He is a comedic writer, actor, language teacher, and personal trainer.

He also has been vlogging for about 4 years but recently had a surge in attention from celebrities and media in Jamaica and across the world thus enabling him to expand his multi-passions and horizons.

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Instagram: @raul_blaze


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