In part 2 of this episode, Raul dives into his childhood trauma growing up for some time in a children’s home. He spoke on traumas he faced and his battle with his mental health. He dives deep into tools he uses to continuously RISE UP beyond his challenges and how he is living his life of purpose and bliss!

He has recently had the opportunity to honor the great Jamaican Comedian and Actor Oliver Samuels and collaborated with celebrities such as Wayne Marshall etc.

Raul also shares his PROCESS on how he creates his skits/viral videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok;  the importance of growing and helping others to grow in addition to what’s coming up on the horizon for him and his business!

Class is in session!

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Raul “Blaze” Davis- Comedic Writer, Actor, Language Teacher, and Personal Trainer.


Raul Davis goes by the name Raul Blaze in the entertainment field.

He is a comedic writer, actor, language teacher, and personal trainer.

He also has been vlogging for about 4 years but recently had a surge in attention from celebrities and media in Jamaica and across the world thus enabling him to expand his multi-passions and horizons.

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Instagram: @raul_blaze

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