Caleb says,” If you want to start something, start. You have to be the one. You see the vision, nobody else does.”

In this episode, Caleb shares:

  • His vision for leading the way in the cannabis industry to create a space for everyone
  • How Cannabis helped him to manage his trauma and past sexual abuse
  • The importance of educating the masses on the benefits of CBD/THC
  • How he pivoted from his ice-cream business into following his path..his purpose of starting & sharing Lancashire Hemp products with the world
  • The steps he took to start his business and more!

Class is in session!

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Caleb Kauffman- Founder of Lancashire Hemp Farms


Caleb Kauffman is a human being who approaches situations and relationships with love.

Caleb began his entrepreneur journey in 2015 starting with Pennys Ice Cream in which he founded with his family (wife, brother, sister in law). After being diagnosed with PTSD from childhood sexual trauma later in life. Around the same time as starting Pennys, Caleb began the process of self-healing. Four years later in 2019, after experiencing the positive benefits of cannabis on his own growth, Caleb founded Lancashire Hemp Farms. The operation started in a very DIY setting, including growing his first CBD plants at his mother in laws greenhouse to labeling and distributing products from his basement.

In 2020, Lancashire partnered with 15 local farmers to bring a co-op mindset to the growing process. Since Lancashire has expanded to be a mainstay in the local hemp community as well as a common retail store shelf item throughout the country.

Throughout both projects, Caleb has maintained the same mindset that he brings to this conversation; understanding, togetherness, and the want for everyone to have their voice heard.

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