“We all have vices, it’s about how we can control them,” says Bernard Jones.

In this episode, the founders of CVH Recovery Homes speak on:

*What a recovery/sober home is

*Why it’s important for individuals dealing with addiction to pursue a second chance at life in a safe environment

*How minority communities benefit from treatment

*Why they decided to start this business to serve minority communities

* How an idea and a passion for service can turn itself into a business

*How they help other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own recovery/sober homes and so much more!

Class is in session!

*** Please note we apologize for some tech glitches when recording bio however you can read the full bio of CVH recovery below*****

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Watch The Episode here:

Georgia Giles-Jones and Bernard Jones- Founders of Central Village Housing (CVH Recovery)



Georgia Jiles-Jones and Bernard Jones met in 2010 while attending Business Management classes at St. Paul College. Georgia is a St. Paul native and has strong St. Paul family roots that date back to over 8 decades. Bernard was raised in Michigan but has been an active resident for over 15 years.

Both grew up around and witnessed firsthand addiction and the negative impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. Their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping individuals looking for another chance at life inspired them to open a sober house.

In 2015 Georgia and Bernard took the leap and decided to transform their own home into their first recovery home (Central House), followed by opening an additional sober home in 2017 (Blair House). Their love for St. Paul and the recovery community keeps them committed to growing their business.

Starting in 2018 and 2019, Georgia and Bernard started helping individuals successfully open and manage recovery homes of their own as well as establish a foundation for a successful business.

When COVID-19 hit it was important for recovery homeowners to remember they are truly essential and needed more than ever during this influx of worry, isolation, and change. It became the perfect time for Georgia and Bernard to expand Central Village Housing, and create CVH Recovery.

CVH Recovery encompasses our Recovery Homes, Recovery Home Operator Course, Recovery Home Coaching, Recovery Home Audit, and group membership.

This isn’t only the next step in Georgia and Bernard’s business, but an exciting venture for the couple themselves!

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Email: cvhrecovery@gmail.com

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