Stephen says, “The good thing about succeeding or winning, we can use it as a reference point for times when we are faced with difficult situations that regardless of what you’re experiencing or going through, life has a way of figuring itself out”.

In this episode Stephen, a Software Engineer & University Lecturer speaks on:

*How he identified his passion and love for Information Technology

*He breaks down Information Technology and Computer Science

*How his desire to leave a legacy for others led him to become a lecturer at a University in Jamaica

*His love for innovation and what he foresees for the future of tech and artificial intelligence in business and everyday life

* How AI can assists in business predictability for business owners to drive sales using data

*He shares his pillars to success and what drives him daily as he shares tips and recommendations for aspiring IT professionals

*He speaks on what’s next on the horizon for him and so much more! So many gems!

Grab your notebook and pen! 

Class is in session!

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Watch The Episode here:

Stephen Gentles – Software Engineer & Adjunct Lecturer at The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean


Stephen Gentles has been in the field of Information Technology for approximately 10 years. He has been helping organizations and entrepreneurs across various industries, in growing and expanding their company by delivering on various IT projects and business strategies that seek to, create efficiency, resolve issues, improve collaboration, minimize their expenses, maximize their earnings and generate new business through disruptive innovation.

Stephen is also an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean located in Jamaica West Indies, providing lectures to students enrolled within the Information Technology program. Courses taught but not limited to are Building Applications Using C sharp, Internet Authoring II, System Analyst & Design, and Data Structures & File Management.

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