Paradise says, “You can sit in the corner and cry or you can go out and dance in the rain. Either way, the storm is coming”.

In this episode Paradise speaks on:

  • The moment she knew she found her purpose
  • How she started 5 companies and 2 foundations
  • How pageantry helped her build self-confidence (she is the current Miss World International-New York & Miss France 2020/2021)
  • Her knack for business as a “Harvard Woman”
  • Her battle with Ovarian Cancer
  • Her mission to eradicate human trafficking, domestic violence, and hunger
  • What drives her to keep pushing forward and so much more!

Class is in session!

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Paradise Rodriquez-Bordeaux– Entrepreneur, Author, Founder of The  Catch A Falling Star Foundation & the #ICanBeBoth campaign, Miss World International Ambassador (Miss New York & Miss France 2020/20201)



Paradise Rodriquez-Bordeaux is an Ovarian Cancer Warrior, Domestic Violence Survivor, and Human Rights Activist, who has founded over 5 companies and 2 foundations since the age of 17, Paradise started building her company from the abandoned home she lived in as a child. Her brand is now thriving, social impacting, and is world-renowned. Understanding how challenging life could be, but knowing she needed to succeed to ensure a better life for herself and those closest to her, Paradise coined the quote,

“You can sit in the corner and cry or you can go out and dance in the rain. Either way, the storm is coming”.

She then put her words into action by traveling around the world to meet its leaders; discussing ways to eradicate Human Trafficking and finding better resources for Veterans, Special Needs Persons, and those escaping traumatic environments. In 2014, Paradise launched the #ICanBeBoth campaign to encourage women to be their authentic selves.

 With Paradise Rodriguez. Inc, Goals Social Club, L’Artémis, The Artémis Collections, and The Catch A Falling Star Foundation, Paradise combines a determined, forceful aesthetic with a humble philosophy, never compromising her ethical principles or her style credentials. In 2019, Paradise released her first novel, “Finding Paradise”, a nod to those who choose to dance in the rain despite the tumultuous journeys they’ve been on.

In addition to her community work, Paradise is also an esteemed Performing Artist (dance, theater, film), Pageant Queen, High-fashion Model, and expert level Web Designer, Copy-Writer and Content Designer.; truly living up to the #ICanBeBoth mantra.

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