Annie says, “Every bit of my life taught me about problem-solving”.

In this episode Annie shares:

  • Her life experiences as a former celestial navigator logging 44,000 sea miles through the Pacific and how it helped her to manage her fears and to problem solve
  • How growing up with a severely mentally ill mother prepared her for embracing life and its challenges
  • How to build your “bounce-back muscles” through life adversities
  • Practical tools to implement so that you can live for a new day no matter what 
  • How she used her experiences to level up in her Career and Business and so much more!

Class is in session!

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Annie Evans- Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author 


“No matter how bad today is, there is always a new day”.

Annie Evans is a Best-Selling Author who shares how she transcended several traumatic start-over moments. She did the work to overcome and become successful, now living a grateful and blessed life – she shares how she retrained her brain shedding limiting beliefs and replacing them with new positive ones.

She wants to help others realize their dreams and goals and live their best lives. We all need to build up our bounce-back muscles as we never know what we might have to overcome. Annie shows us how.

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