Bronx Crypto says, “Our money is going digital, we are going into a digitalized era…”

In this episode Andrew Richards and Julio Barrios Founders of Bronx Crypto inc. speaks on how they are bringing awareness, teaching, and empowering inner-city communities about the importance of investing in cryptocurrency and stocks.

They speak about:

  • Why they started an investment company for stocks and cryptocurrency
  • The importance of teaching and spreading tools for wealth building in the inner cities in the Bronx
  • The tools to start investing in crypto and stocks
  • What is a “blockchain”
  • How to be mindful and careful of investing in certain cryptocurrencies considered “pump and dump”
  • How to make your money work for you and more!

Class is in session!

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Watch The Episode here:

Andrew Richards & Julio Barrios – Founders of Bronx Crypto


BronxCrypto is here to spread awareness to their community about cryptocurrency and stocks. Many people lack financial literacy and BronxCrypto is here to bridge that gap between African Americans and Latinos in the inner cities.

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