Jamese says, “Our health is our greatest wealth”

In this episode, Jamese, a licensed Nurse Practitioner, speaks about tapping into the 5 domains of freedom.

She further talks about:

  •  How she has chosen to live a principle-based life
  • Why she walked away from her job in 2019
  • How she lost 65 pounds after she committed to improving her lifestyle
  • Her mission of helping “1000 Healthy Providers”
  • Her business as an entrepreneur in the Health and Wellness Industry
  • Her alignment with Coach Stormy Wellington and her Girl Hold My Hand Community as a Community Concierge and so much more!

Class is in session!

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Watch The Episode here:

Jamese Sky- Nurse Practitioner & Entrepreneur


In her words….

I have to make the distinction between what I have done professionally, including those things that I have accomplished scholastically… from that in which I AM.

The person that Jamese , JaySky, is outside of my profession of being a nurse practitioner requires a more in-depth discussion.

 Who I was… I  was a drifter. I’m divorced, a single mom who was looking for a change. As a nurse practitioner, I already understood that our health is our greatest wealth but the truth was, I was in bondage for the majority of my adult life!

I resigned from my full-time position in September 2019, as I found myself working a job that left me desiring more!

I decided to say YES to an opportunity that helped me bridge the gap both financially, physically, and mentally for myself and my daughter, now 8 years old. I meditate, pray unceasingly through gratitude and I follow a principle-based life.

I honestly never should have imagined how one YES would have changed my entire life!

I lost 65 pounds, Traveling to cities and states that I had never been, even with my daughter. I have been able to connect with people all over the world, and birth my “on-purpose baby”, 1000 Healthy Providers, a community of healthcare providers that are focused on self-care in the very sacrificial “care-based” (care centered”) industry.

1000 healthy providers prioritize self-care, healing, wholeness, and wellness for the healthcare professional as well as explore 5 domains of dimensional freedom.

This is my year to become 40 and my year to touch 7 figures by the Grace of the Almighty!! I GIVE ALL GLORY TO HIM!!

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