Julia says, “It’s all about keeping the family together…I don’t want someone to go through this alone”

In this episode, Julia speaks on:

  • The challenges families and loved ones face when a loved one is incarcerated
  • How her organization provides resources, groups and workshops to families on various topics that surround navigating through the prison system and family re-entry
  • How Prison Families Alliance has helped over 200 families over the pandemic as a national organization
  • How it took her years to talk about her brother’s incarceration
  • Why she wrote her book: Hidden Prison Sentence that’s helping so many families and so much more!

Class is in session!

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Julia Lazareck – President of Prison Families Alliance, Inc. (PFA)


Julia Lazareck is the president of Prison Families Alliance, Inc. (PFA). Many families of incarcerated individuals struggle with keeping the family together. PFA provides multiple diverse support systems and communication platforms in order to keep the family together through the criminal justice process, thus safer communities and minimizing recidivism.

Julia has published “Prison: The Hidden Sentence; What to do when your loved one is arrested and incarcerated” that includes her story about her brother’s incarceration, along with other stories, and important information everyone needs to know.

Her goal is to raise awareness and to create a more compassionate society about the effects of incarceration on families and children. You can also listen to her podcast by the same name – Prison: The Hidden Sentence.

Julia has lived in Las Vegas for 23 years and married to Les for 14 years.

Important Links:

Website: https://PrisonFamiliesAlliance.org

Facebook: https://facebook.com/PFANV


Email: Julia@prisonfamiliesalliance.org

Julia’s Personal Links:

CEO and Founder, Prison the Hidden Sentence® Website: https://prisonthehiddensentence.com

Raising awareness one story at a time

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hiddensentence

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiddensentence

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