Donae says, “ I chose that because I was struggling with my own identity ….”

In this episode, Donae gets vulnerable and shares:

  • How she went from having a doctoral degree in pharmacy to becoming a published author
  • How she never thought she would “fit in”
  • How one can look at their strengths and pursue that rather than listening to what “society” has to say about status, esteem, and money in the world
  • Her struggles with her own identity
  • Her mission and purpose of helping others to re-discover themselves
  • She shares 3 tools and strategies to help anyone re-define / rediscover their life and more!

Class is in session!

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Donae Buabeng-  Wife, Mom  Pharmacist, Author, and Blogger


(In Donae’s words)

I am Donae Buabeng, a wife and mom to two “bubbly” personalities. I am also a pharmacist, author, and blogger of a parenting website,

My journey to discovering who I was, started after leaving a career as a pharmacist behind. I realized that after having struggled with my identity and career for some time, I wanted to re-discover what God had initially planned for me to do. Fast-forward to today, I am so much happier with the life that I have now compared to three years ago. I now love what I do and want others to experience the same.

I wrote a book: “I am who God says I am: always be inspired to live the life God has planned for you”, based on my struggles for years with my identity. I wanted to “fit in” with the world. But when I did so, I felt even more lost in the shuffle.

Years later, after having gone through a tough journey in my life and career as a pharmacist, I realized that I hated everything about my life at that point. I just wanted to be free from it. I went on a personal journey to discover more about who I was and found out my passions.

I took that knowledge and started a new journey of discovery for myself which led me to the conclusion that I was a writer. I love writing, and that is what gets me excited in the mornings when I get up. It is who I am now and not what the world envisioned for me. I became the author of my own story as told by God.

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