In this episode, Sashana shares how she was able to navigate the sales industry and leverage her knowledge and experience when it came to researching her market and what customers wanted. She then shares how she was able to apply what she has learned to start her hair company, She’s Elite Hair Company.

Listen in and learn how she went through different pivots in her life to get where she is now; a successful business woman. 

Class is in session. 

Watch The Episode here:

Sashana Ranger- Business Owner


Sashana Ranger has a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies – University of the West Indies.

She is an Inbound Sales Consultant,  Brian Tracy Trained Sales Consultant, and Senior Sales and Marketing Representative.

Business-wise, she is a Certified Makeup Artist, Hair and Beauty Enthusiast Wig Maker, Owner, and curator at She’s Elite Hair Company.

Sashana’s mission is to help women show up confidently to life!


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