Intention Over Fear was a really life changing course for me! Prior to becoming a part of the course, I struggled with believing in myself, confidence...I struggled with relationships. I learned to pinpoint where my focus was coming from...The course and the support group was a defining moment for me to understand what my issues were and how to over come it!"- Javelle D.

Prior to Intention Over Fear, I was lost. I had no idea of specifically what I wanted to do. I would wake up in the morning not happy about my job...She (Racquel) helped me to put those thoughts into action to open my mind about what I wanted to do...because of that, I'm in the process of opening up my own family daycare. I'm excited"- Kameka W.



Is This You?

  • You are educated with a good job/career and you make decent money but despite being successful you get up most days UNMOTIVATED, UNINSPIRED to take ACTION.
  •  You find that your energy and mood levels are low each day when you get out of bed and put your feet on the ground.
  • You feel conflicted with the direction your life is going in; you don’t know why you do the things you do; and you feel like you need to figure things out because you can’t go on like this, feeling sad, hopeless and most importantly confused!
  • You think thoughts like “where I thought my life would be now is NOT where it is today or where I would like it to be.
  • You want to believe that each aspect of you life is very important BUT the bottom line is you are not happy with the way things are.




  • You know you probably need to be doing something else with your life, so that you can feel better about yourself, perhaps a change in your job, going after a promotion, a change in your health regime.
  • Perhaps a change in the way you communicate in your relationships, a change in your perspective and beliefs on how you interpret life.
  • You probably say things to yourself like, “ I feel like such a  FAILURE”,  I’ve put my family and my children over my own self and my needs and I have LOST myself through it all!- in some ways you’ve felt you've settled  and wonder if you'll ever achieve your goal(s). 
  • You are UNFOCUSED and asks questions to yourself like “How am I going to start this? Because you’ve done a lot of research but you get overwhelmed and stay STUCK doing nothing.


I can totally empathize and relate to you because I have been there!


I have been UNCERTAIN, CONFUSED, OVERWHELMED with the direction of my life despite having a respectable career as a Medical Social Worker making decent money. From the outside people would look at my life like yours and think I have it all together and that I am living in my purpose and have a successful and happy life, yet I was not completely happy.

I struggled with defining my purpose in life and always felt like I can do more and that I was settling in a career that was fulfilling on one end but was not serving me on another because in my gut I knew there was more for me to do in the world.

You see I wanted MORE FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS in the form of FLEXIBILITY to reach more women to EMPOWER them, to help them to TRANSFORM their lives and to live in their truth, their purpose. But helping them to get there like I did, through MENTORSHIP, GUIDANCE AND COMMUNITY! But even though I knew this, FEAR and SELF DOUBT came up especially the FEAR OF FAILURE  and the BELIEF IN MY ABILITIES to STEP OUT ON FAITH  AND DO THE ACTIONS REQUIRED to make my business a success! I had to do this to be more in tuned with MY NEEDS and have the things I wanted in my life to be truly living my life with ease, grace, peace, joy,happiness and freedom.

I had to face my fears and  make a commitment to myself to make a change in my life despite my insecurities, the naysayers, my belief that it could not be possible to achieve the things I wanted.

I am here to tell you, PHENOMENAL WOMAN,IT'S POSSIBLE and even though you are AFRAID, YOU can change your life situation and create a change on purpose that is lasting and fulfilling.

That’s why I’ve created this course after my own struggles and research I’ve done on women struggles and challenges. I've also Beta Tested this course as I wanted to ensure that it works! And it does!!

I’ve found that we women of all age, cultural and socioeconomic background and religion has these same challenges in our life… we all want to live a live that is on purpose, with direction, ease, grace and happiness , one that is fulfilling to us but will also make an impact in others lives!!  Can I get an Amen?

Introducing Intention Over Fear- Unlocking Your Inner Abilities To Get You To The Next Level- The Self Study Course

Want to get clarity in making changes to your current situation and your life's direction? feel Less Overwhelmed, More Focused, Organized while living your life with More Ease, Grace because you'll feel More Confident and Happy to be Living on Purpose with Peace of Mind!

Inside Intention Over Fear... 

Here’s what You’ll Learn:

Lesson 1-  Choose To Change

Lesson 2-  Your Intentional Canvas

Lesson 3-  Your Future 10 Year Self

Lesson 4-  Crushing Self Doubt and Fear: How It’s Crippling You From Taking Action

Lesson 5-  A Process For Facing Fear

Lesson 6-  The Wisdom To Choose

Lesson 7-  3 Secret Sauce To Success

Lesson 8-  Courage To Take Action

Lesson 9- Setting Personal And Professional Standards For Yourself

Lesson 10-  Maintaining Courage and Keeping Momentum

That’s not all… Here’s what’s also included:

  • You get follow along activities and life work to complete in each lessons
  • Lifetime access to Intention Over Fear Course + Updates 
  • You also get access to Private Facebook community for Intention Over Fear (IOF) for continued group support and encouragement from like-minded group members

But Wait,You'll also get access to:

Bonus 1-

Amazon Bestselling Author and Public Speaking Trainer Mary Cheyne- “How to Present Yourself in Public Speaking. Tell Your Inner Critic to Shut Up and the Real You To Speak Up Training.

Bonus 2-

Conscious Living and Weight Loss Trainer Ava Kyte- The 5 Principles That Need to Shift before you start a weight loss program ( Deep dive into social anxiety and social pressures) Training.

Total ValueOf IOF is $1500!!




Here’s what members of IOF have to say:

Rave reviews!

It helped me to adapt to a positive mindset and eliminating that self doubt that I had and fears that I used to have...The Course was just Amazing"! -Cherisha B.

Kim M.

“I have learned to identify fears that have been a barrier, keeping me stuck and afraid in the same place. I now have the tools necessary to help guide me. Thank you to Racquel Walters and all of the ladies in the group. I recommend this course to anyone who has been feeling “stuck” in the same place despite wanting to move forward but not knowing how”.

Kim M.


  • You're a "go getter" woman who is serious about changing her life!
  • You are willing to be guided by coaching and take action
  • You want to be a part of a community of like minded women who will support and encourage you along your life journey
  • You want to stop the naysayers in your head (self doubt and fear) and out in the world who says change and transformation is impossible.  No more being stumped with every new challenge and change that occurs in your life and  start embracing your Intentions over your fears!


  • You’re not ready to make a change in your life now
  • You’re happy with being stuck and confused because you feel comfortable and afraid to take the leap
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself to change your life
  • You are not coach-able and ready to create a purpose driven life
  • You're hoping someone else will do the work for you

What other members have to say:

“Overcoming fear is not something that comes over night. Working with a coach, is a great way to get the needed advice for your specific plans, ambitions and self confidence”.

Terry. M.
Insurance Rep

"Throughout completing the Intention Over Fear course I have become a better individual. The course has helped me to realize that I am in control of my own happiness. I have the power within to be all that I want to befinding and fulfilling my purpose".

Decia D.
Elementary School Teacher

"After a few sessions with Racquel and completing her Intention Over Fear Self-Study Course, in 12 months I was able to get my finances in a comfortable place that I can manage, grow my business while stepping out and landing a new job! You won't regret it working with her." 

Nickita F.

Want In? Here’s What To Do Next:

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So pour some tea or some wine and relax because you deserve it!!! Let’s celebrate you in taking the first step to creating a life you will love, on purpose filled with happiness and ease through setting  your intentions over your fears!! Cheers!!




Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!!

*Since Intention Over Fear is an implementation course,  I have no doubt that the awareness, guided principles and strategies will change your perspective on your life and get you into action!*

We’re completely committed to you and your results, so we only want to work with people who are equally committed to themselves via taking action. We devote immense time, energy, and care to our students and our course, so it’s vital that you’re as dedicated to this experience as we are to you.

If you have questions please email us at and we will schedule a call with you.

More About Racquel Walters

Racquel Walters is a Career & Relationship Consultant, Co-host of the Konnect & Elevate Podcast. She has a background as a Licensed Medical Social Worker & Therapist. She has worked in one of the top hospitals in New York City where she worked with hundreds of patients in which she has counseled, empowered & advocated for.

Racquel holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, minor in Media, Communications & Technology and a Masters degree in Social Work. She also has a decade experience in Healthcare.

Racquel prides herself in rising above her own fears, self-doubts and overcoming failures, as they played a role in her successes today. With a strong belief in advocating for women, Racquel’s mission is to help more women live on purpose, make an impact in their ideal careers and love their lives!

Have questions or concerns about the Intention Over Fear Course? Email us at We will be delighted to serve you!

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