This January, please take the time to reflect on 2016. The highs and the lows, the challenges, and the successes.

Know that each and everything you have been through has shaped and molded you for the better. It has given you strength in time of despair, hope in a time of loss, favor, and faith in the times you most need it!

This journey you are on is unique only to you and only you can carry out your purpose and reason for being born. At times we are unsure when the going gets rough, but I say stay in faith and believe that you will find that joy and happiness even in trying times!

We experience, we learn, we endure, we grow. We should continue to inspire, to support to make an impact on all we encounter. We should continue to spread love and kindness to each other.

I believe for myself and for you that this 2017 will be your best year yet and that we should all continue on our journey through faith and action to do what only we know to do. That is to create an impact!

I pray for your families nothing but the best of life, health, joy, happiness, and fellowship. More of your heart’s desire today and every day this year and always!


Welcome to my blog in the hope to connect, inspire, motivate, and empower you all on your life journey! 


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Lots of love, Racquel