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Ever wondered how success stories are created despite hardships? How confidence in pursuing your purpose is built?

Look no further because this is what Your Purpose and Business Podcast is all about! Here, we interview successful people who share unique, impactful stories that we hope to influence you; whether they’re business owners, transitioning from a 9-5 to starting a business or working a 9-5. The take away for you is to learn how they’ve navigated the working world and how they can guide you with tools and nuggets you can use in finding and sustaining YOUR passion! We believe in connecting you with a roadmap! Class is in session!

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Latest Episodes Below:

Ep 14: How a multi-platinum award record producer & a Self Mastery Coach uses his signature framework to help individuals identify their core values, live and maintain a holistic lifestyle

Bradley says, “Create something that is meaningful to you”. In this episode Bradley Kohn speaks on: His business Neurohacker and how it helps people to operate at an optimum capacity Tools to “better your life” How you can create something that is meaningful How to...

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Ep 12: Is Tech Challenging For You? Learn How You Can DIY Your Tech As A Solopreneur with Laticia Brice

Is tech challenging for you? Learn how you can diy your tech as a solopreneur with Laticia Brice

In this episode, Laticia shares how she was able to transition her skills from working in a top company in technology to helping aspiring and full time business owners solve their tech issues which allows them to put their focus back on servicing their clients and making money.

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Ep 10: How to Boss up and be financially well with Coreen Ketterer

“Money isn’t everything, but it can certainly be an asset to achieve what you want in life,” Coreen fervently says.
Ever wondered how you can start preparing yourself for a better financial future as a millennial? Listen in as Financial Advisor Coreen Ketterer shares keys for your financial wellness. She goes deep and gets personal on how you can align your overall life goals with your money by starting with a few practical steps.
Class is in session!

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Ep 8: Conscious Leadership with Former Healthcare Vice President now Business & Life Coach-Jo Ellen Newman

Listen in and learn how this former Healthcare Vice President navigated corporate and led her team to now coaching her clients to earn more in their business. Jo Ellen speaks on:

Why you shouldn’t leave money on the table
The importance of hearing what everyone has to say
How your true essence can shine in a job
Networking strategies
Brand awareness
Honing your power and how to shift your perspective in a positive way
How to take the leap in starting a business especially in today’s economy; how to start a side hustle and more!
Class is in session!

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