I had issues with doubting myself. Yes, not because I am a Social Worker and a Coach does not mean that I do not struggle with self-doubt and fear. I constantly worry about if the things I want to be a part of and the things I want to do will work. I have learned however to tune in to my thoughts especially the negative ones and act anyway. This is what I want for you too so that you can crush doubt and fear and kick ass with confidence in all you do! Get INSTANT ACCESS by signing up for my FREE Confidence Booster 3 Days Email Class <- CLICK HERE

What is Self Doubt?

Self-doubt is a lack of confidence in your abilities. It’s the fear of the unknown.
Giving in to self-doubt may hold you back from what you want to do for yourself. It may keep you cripple and stagnant in your life situation.

To identify and move past self-doubt, you must:

1. Pay attention to your thoughts. If you think negative thoughts. I want you to write down those negative thoughts on a paper, review, and acknowledge them.

2. After acknowledging those negative thoughts, next you should map out a plan to tackle and execute an action plan to challenge those thoughts.

3. Recognize and pay attention to your feelings. Ask yourself why do I feel this way about this particular thing. Sometimes we feel anxious and nervous and though you may use your emotions as a compass, you should practice recognizing the difference using wisdom if the emotion(s) you are feeling is a threat or self-defense that is preventing you from taking the necessary action.

Do these 3 steps and I assure you, you will learn to acknowledge, tackle, and manage self-doubt.

So, what are you doubting yourself about this week? And how do you plan on taking an action step to move you one step past your doubts and fears? Comment below.

Speak with you soon,


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