“Prior to Intention Over Fear, I was lost. I had no idea of specifically what I wanted to do. I would wake up in the morning not happy about my job…She (Racquel) helped me to put those thoughts into action to open my mind about what I wanted to do…because of that, I’m in the process of opening up my own family daycare. I’m excited”- Kameka W.- Social Worker, LSW

 “Love the fact that Racquel scheduled a special time for me to call and speak to her specifically about my individual fears and how she was able to personalize the lessons to fit my individual needs. Overcoming fear though is not something that comes overnight. Confronting those fears helped developed my self-awareness and helped me to realize the fear was in my head and not an actual threat. Working with a coach is a great way to get the needed advice for your specific plans, ambitions, and self-confidence”. T. Mitchell- Insurance Rep.

“After a few sessions with Racquel and completing her Intention Over Fear Self-Study Course, in 12 months I was able to get my finances in a comfortable place that I can manage, grow my business while stepping out and landing a new job! You won’t regret it working with her.” N. Francis – Mechanical Engineer

“I have learned to identify fears that have been a barrier, keeping me stuck and afraid in the same place. I now have the tools necessary to help guide me. Thank you to Racquel Walters and all of the ladies in the group. I recommend this course to anyone who has been feeling “stuck” in the same place despite wanting to move forward but not knowing how”. Kim M. Social Worker-LMSW

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“My experience with Racquel has been pretty refreshing. Racquel is a great listener and has really helped me to identify some of the things that may be causing a struggle in certain areas of my life. Racquel took the time to help me outline goals, as well as an action plan to achieve those goals. The great thing about these sessions is that she does not leave you empty-handed. Racquel has made helpful suggestions along the way to keep me on track to take my life to the next level. I truly enjoy my sessions with Racquel and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good life coach.” C. T. – Operations Manager at Macys

“Intention Over Fear was a really life-changing course for me! Prior to becoming a part of the course, I struggled with believing in myself, confidence…I struggled with relationships. I learned to pinpoint where my focus was coming from…The course and the support group was a defining moment for me to understand what my issues were and how to overcome it!”– Javelle D.- Southeast Regional Foodservice Manager at a Fortune 500 Company

“Throughout completing the Intention Over Fear course I have become a better individual. The course has helped me to realize that I am in control of my own happiness. I have the power within to be all that I want to be, finding and fulfilling my purpose”. Decia D.- Elementary School Teacher

“It helped me to adapt to a positive mindset and eliminating that self-doubt that I had and fears that I used to have…The Course was just Amazing”! –Cherisha B. – Production and Operations Management