Listen in & learn how this fierce entrepreneur used communication skills to navigate her professional and personal life through content writing, working in sales for corporations now being the CEO of her very own organic personal care and cosmetic products company.

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CEO Of Wheels Of Nature- Renee Miller

Wheels of Nature is an online/mobile organic personal care and cosmetic products company whose mission is to provide healing, hydrating and safe products that may be used by the entire family. All products are hand-crafted(by me, Renée) and are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are specially formulated for persons with eczema, stretch marks, sensitive skin, dry skin, and hair. Renee is known for her body butters and she also makes beard oils and moisturizing hair butters.

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Cell/WhatsApp: 876-368-3795

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Instagram: @wheelsofnature

Facebook: wheelsofnatureorganiccosmetics

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