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This could be a consultation or purchasing any one of our courses and/or downloadable guides. 

Any of our offerings will get you clarity on the path you should take with intentional action steps to start implementing right away to becoming a CEO of your own business.

Learn how to start your side business with guided step-by-step direction to get you clarity on YOUR path to generating income using your professional knowledge and level up your life!

What we’ll cover inside this self-study video course:

* Why you should start a side hustle in today’s economy

* The GAPS your business can fill

* The Mindset needed to be successful and to sustain it!

* The different ways you can generate income with videos and worksheets designed to extract your business idea

*The tools needed and so MUCH MORE!

This course IS for you if:

* You want clarity and direction on HOW to start a side business

* You have a business idea but is not sure if it will work in the marketplace

* You want to break through your self-doubts & fears and learn how to build a strong      mindset that will help you to achieve your business goals

* You want to learn how you can turn your knowledge into income

* You want the TOOLS to start your business the right way!

This course is NOT for you if:

* You are seeking fast success

* If you’re not willing to work through the PROCESS of starting a side hustle the right way!

* If you’re not open to feedback and willing to step outside your comfort zone

*If you’re not committed to spending time to make your dreams a reality

Professional, THE TIME IS NOW! Let’s get you clear on your business idea and build the foundations to monetize your knowledge!.

What We Do Best

We help our clients master their mindset, diversify their skills into income streams so that they can manage their experiences, and live their lives with ease!

“Prior to Intention Over Fear, I was lost. I had no idea of specifically what I wanted to do. I would wake up in the morning not happy about my job…She (Racquel) helped me to put those thoughts into action to open my mind about what I wanted to do…because of that, I’m in the process of opening up my own family daycare. I’m excited”

Kameka W.

Social Worker-LSW & Business Owner

“I had a business idea in mind but was very fearful about how to venture out. Not only that, I wasn’t sure on how to even begin the process. I presented my vision idea to Racquel Walters and she outlined step by step on how to make my vision come to life. She walked me through every step that was necessary to begin the process. She was helpful in every aspect and still is even after launching ShopJJElite.com

What I have learned through this process is that anything you put your mind to do, you can achieve with hard work and dedication. I would definitely recommend Racquel to anyone that needs consulting and assistance in starting their business”.Visit Joe-Ann’s website here: https://shopjjelite.com/


Joe-Ann W.

CEO of Online Boutique For Busy Moms - JJ Elite Inc.

“Prior to the Intention Over Fear Course, I was feeling very fearful about venturing on my new journey of starting my online boutique. I now have gained clarity and insight on the importance of creating a pathway for more income. This course has helped me to specifically identify my fears about starting a new business. It has also helped to challenge those fears by highlighting the importance of being intentional with my goals. I would recommend this course as an entryway for those who are starting a new business”.

Visit Ariel’s website here: https://thechateaudream.com/


Ariel G.

Online Clothing Boutique Owner